About The Sinclair Method

The Sinclair Method (TSM) is a groundbreaking and scientifically-proven method for unlearning alcohol use disorder that’s been shown to have a 78% success rate.

The Sinclair Method (TSM) is a highly effective long-term protocol for undoing alcohol use disorder (AUD) in the brain (where it resides…more on that below 👇), resulting in what’s known as “pharmacological extinction” or just "extinction" for short.

This method involves taking a medication (naltrexone) that blocks the endorphins that are released when we drink alcohol. The process of extinction is gradual and usually takes at least six months or more – however most people usually see small and steady improvements along the way.

Research shows that people have greater success when the medication therapy is combined with a comprehensive program that supports behavior change and other aspects of changing drinking habits (and that's exactly why we created Thrive!).

When a person reaches extinction, they no longer experience strong alcohol cravings or urges to drink, and they often get to a place where they can “take it or leave it” when it comes to alcohol. When this happens, people are still able to drink alcohol (if they choose) but do so with control and in moderation. For others, going abstinent becomes much easier because their brain is no longer wired to crave alcohol. 

This process is often very encouraging for people as they see themselves regain control over alcohol and lose their craving for it. 🎉

To read more about the scientific research behind this method, visit here or read the book, The Cure for Alcoholism by Dr Roy Eskapa. 



How Can The Sinclair Method Help Me Change My Drinking Habits?


In this video you'll hear from Thrive co-founder and Sinclair Method Coach Katie Lain on three key areas for how The Sinclair Method can help you change your relationship with alcohol for good. 

How Does The Sinclair Method Work?

The method works by dealing with the problem of alcohol use disorder on a neurological level. 🧠 We’ll break this down into a few simple steps:
  1. When we drink alcohol – it produces a flood of feel-good hormones in our brain. 
  2. This flood of feel-good hormones are what drive us to keep drinking and craving alcohol, and ultimately developing alcohol use disorder. 
  3. FDA-approved medications can block those feel-good hormones when we drink.
  4. When those feel-good hormones are blocked repeatedly over time, people begin to gradually lose interest in alcohol because they are not getting the same rewarding effects from it.
  5. As people begin to have less interest in alcohol, it is imperative for success that they continually make lifestyle changes including adjusting habits and cultivating new coping strategies in order to change the root patterns and behaviors associated with over-drinking. 
  6. People who use this approach have the option to keep alcohol in their life in moderation, or they can go abstinent in the future with greater ease since the cause of alcohol use disorder has been healed on a neurological level.


Check out one of our course videos where we explain The Sinclair Method 👇

The Comprehensive Model for Changing Drinking Habits Using The Sinclair Method


Through the video courses, exercises and support that we offer in The Alcohol Freedom Program, we holistically support you in changing your drinking habits through TSM. Ultimately this will help you to truly thrive with a new relationship with alcohol as you cultivate a life with greater meaning, more joy and embodying the best version of yourself.

How Long Does The Sinclair Method Take to Work?


The short answer is that it greatly varies from person to person. One of the biggest barriers to success with this protocol is the behavioral side of changing our relationship with alcohol.

While the medication works to deal with the neurological aspect of problem drinking, we also need to address the behavioral side of drinking alongside it – including habits, coping strategies, nutrition, mindset and finding greater meaning and purpose in life. These can often be the biggest challenges (and greatest opportunities!) most people face. 

When a person has the right support structure on The Sinclair Method, on average we see people reach their goals of changing their relationship with alcohol after six to nine months on this method. For some it may take less time, and for others it could take longer.

During that time however people are often seeing progress and positive changes daily and weekly – this is often very encouraging and motivating. 🎉


What We Believe (and it's backed by science)


Alcohol use disorder can happen to anyone simply because our brains are habit-forming machines – especially when it comes to things that give us pleasure (hello, alcohol!). 👋 Alcohol is a very pleasurable (aka, addicting) substance – just #3 behind heroin and cocaine in fact. 

Once someone has AUD – and this habit is hard-wired in the brain – it can be very challenging to “unwind” because we’re often faced with powerful cravings that are hard to resist. And so begins the dreadful cycle of drinking and craving.

But the good news is – we now know that with time, medication therapy, behavior change and a drink reduction protocol – this issue can be corrected permanently for most people. 🎉

Thanks to the revolutionary discovery of Dr John David Sinclair – we now know that alcohol use disorder can be unlearned – and even become permanently extinct through what’s known as pharmacological extinction, aka, The Sinclair Method. 



Moderation or abstinence


What’s so appealing about The Sinclair Method is that abstinence is not required. In fact, drinking is part of the protocol (for at least a period of time) in order to achieve pharmacological extinction. About 70% of people who use this protocol and reach extinction choose to drink in moderation using this method – and do so with control of when and how much they drink. The other 30% of people choose abstinence once they have reached extinction – which can be a relatively pain-free choice as they are no longer craving alcohol. 


How Do I Get Started on The Sinclair Method?


We'd love nothing more than to help you break free from the cycles of alcohol use disorder so that you can live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life! And that's why we created The Alcohol Freedom Program – in order to support people on their journey of changing their relationship with alcohol using The Sinclair Method.

This program was developed as a result of our founders (Katie Lain and Karen Dion) both finding freedom from alcohol use disorder after years of trying countless methods with nothing working.

Since then, they have coached and mentored hundreds of others through this process. Through their experiences of working 1-on-1 with people and continually learning and refining what is needed to be successful – together they have created a comprehensive program that takes people through the process of changing their relationship with alcohol from start to finish using medication therapy and behavioral change support, resulting in permanent and lasting change.

To learn more, please schedule your free discovery call.



How It Works


At Thrive, we tackle alcohol use disorder using a comprehensive approach to The Sinclair Method that addresses the biological, psychological and spiritual aspects of making meaningful change. The Alcohol Freedom Program meets you where you are and is designed to support you in achieving your personal goals around improving your relationship with alcohol. Though some of our members do want to eventually go abstinent form alcohol, most of our members have a longterm goal of moderation. And we're happy to say our program and support system supports that goal 100%. 


Your Brain

The cornerstone of our program is a scientifically proven method designed to help fix alcohol use disorder on a neurological level (where it resides) using a medication therapy.  This process will gradually help you feel more in control of your drinking.

Reduction (not abstinence)

We focus on helping you reduce and moderate your drinking. Most people who join us prefer to keep alcohol in their life with a goal to have more control over drinking. But if abstinence is a long-term goal, we can help you get there as well.

Mindset & Habits

A significant part of drinking less is having the right mindset and gradually changing habits in order to align with who you want to become. This process takes time and we provide you the resources and support that will help you at every step of the way. 

Learn More About The Alcohol Freedom Program

Break free from the cycles of alcohol use disorder so that you can live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. The Alcohol Freedom Program is a holistic and evidence-based approach to permanently changing drinking habits.