Sinclair Method Coaching

Accessing coaching support on The Sinclair Method can make all the difference in reaching your personal goals in changing your relationship with alcohol. You'll get a free welcome coaching call when you join The Alcohol Freedom Programand also have the option to add additional 1-on-1 coaching support at any time with our expert Sinclair Method coaches. 🎉




How Does Coaching Work?


When you sign-up for coaching, you'll have 1-on-1 support with an expert Sinclair Method coach who is compassionate, knowledgable and supportive.  You can meet with your coach through video or phone, and each session will offer you personalized guidance on your journey of changing drinking habits through The Sinclair Method. Your coach will answer your questions, help you set goals, help you recognize when you're making progress and also identify areas for growth. Our coaches also have personal experience with The Sinclair Method, so they'll be able to relate to what you're going through and offer guidance based on both personal and professional experience.


How Do I Know If I Need 1-on-1 Coaching for The Sinclair Method? 🤔


A lot of people wonder if coaching is needed to be successful on The Sinclair Method, and it really varies from person to person and at which stage they are in the journey.

Getting a coach early-on will help you ensure that you understand the most fundamental components of this process so that you can avoid common mistakes. It can also be helpful after you've been on the method for a while in order to help with goal setting and habit change.

In general, most people will benefit from working with a TSM coach as it can take your experience from functional to optimal – especially when you're motivated and ready to change. 🙌  A coach can help you to recognize areas of success and improvement, bring more clarity to the process and support you in developing further and faster on your path to freedom from alcohol use disorder.


Here Are Four Main Benefits to Working with a TSM Coach


  1. Help you see things from a different perspective. When people are in the day-to-day of TSM it can sometimes be difficult to know if they're on track and making the progress they set out for. A TSM coach will listen to your experiences about your current wins and challenges, be able to identify areas of opportunity for you to tackle next and ask you the right questions in order to help you see things from a fresh perspective. 

  2. Greater commitment to the process. When you commit to working with a coach – you’re automatically more committed and invested in the process of TSM (time, money, attention). And with greater commitment comes greater motivation.

  3. Accountability. There is something very powerful about having someone to be accountable to. We've had clients tell us that they will think twice about having another drink or be able to have more alcohol-free days when they know they have a coaching session coming up. It's just human nature – we want to be able to demonstrate that we're making progress.

  4. Help you see the potential in you that you may not see with yourself. Especially with people who have AUD – we are often in the habit of beating ourselves up and can easily dismiss successes or harp on our challenges. A coach can help you recognize where you’re doing well and the next best areas to work on.

Can I Get Coaching Without The Alcohol Freedom Program?


In order to provide the most comprehensive support possible, we offer coaching only as a supplement to The Alcohol Freedom Program. After years of experience as coaches, our founders wanted to provide more integrated support for our clients to help them ultimately be more successful in permanently changing their drinking habits so that they can live their best life.

The video courses, resources and support that are available in the program will guide you step-by-step through The Sinclair Method. And with the addition of personalized 1-on-1 support, you'll have everything you need to succeed!



About Our Coaches


Karen Dion is a professional counselor and coach who found personal freedom from her own unhealthy drinking using The Sinclair Method (TSM) after many years of struggling with alcohol. She has spent the last three years coaching individuals on how to use TSM effectively, and her mission is to let the world know about this remarkably effective method and to empower people who are struggling with their drinking to make a permanent change in their relationship with alcohol.

Katie Lain started on The Sinclair Method in 2017 after a near 10-year battle with alcohol. Early on she began documenting her success with the method on her YouTube channel, and has been a part of the Sinclair Method community ever since. She has been a TSM coach and mentor for over three years and is a life-long advocate of this life-saving method for getting free from alcohol use disorder.