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As a member, you'll have lifetime access to exclusive support. Thrive offers a variety of options so that you can plug into the support that's best for you, whenever you need it.


Weekly Live Group Support

You'll always have the choice to participate in our weekly live group support calls led by a Sinclair Method coach. Feel free to share, ask questions, or simply listen. Camera usage is optional, and participation is never mandatory.

Messaging Support

Benefit from lifetime access to unlimited private messaging support with your coach, available anytime through your computer or our mobile app. Additionally, you'll have 24/7 unlimited support via the private community feed.

Sinclair Method Workshops

Thrive offers ongoing live virtual Sinclair Method workshops exclusive to members. Join a workshop (or access the replay) anytime to learn, grow and interact with others on important aspects of changing your drinking habits through The Sinclair Method.

Purchase Additional 1x1 Coaching

Upon joining, schedule your 1x1 Welcome Coaching Call to set yourself up for success in the program. You'll also have the flexibility to add extra 1x1 coaching sessions at any time (paid per session).


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About Our Coaches

 Multiple live group coaching calls are offered throughout the week. Members can also purchase additional private 1-1 coaching (paid per session).

Katie Lain, Sinclair Method Coach & Co-Founder at Thrive Alcohol Recovery

Katie Lain started on The Sinclair Method in 2017 after a near 10-year battle with alcohol. Early on she began documenting her success with the method on her YouTube channel, and has been a part of the Sinclair Method community ever since. She has been a TSM coach and mentor for over three years and is a life-long advocate of this life-saving method for getting free from alcohol use disorder.

Samara Ibanez, Certified Sinclair Method Coach, Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach

Samara’s passion for helping others with AUD stems from her own 27 year long battle with alcohol and substances that began at an early age. Being a part of AA for 15 years she then found herself in a toxic cycle of abstinence and relapse. She also suffered from torturous cravings and triggers. She simply could not get control of her drinking no matter what she tried...until she found TSM. The Sinclair Method quite literally saved her life. And because of that she now knows she was saved to serve you!

Dr Michele Perron, PhD in Counseling Psychology, Certified in Positive Psychology, Sinclair Method Coach

Dr. Michele Perron has been in the Recovery field for over 16 years as the Senior Clinical Supervisor at a national addiction treatment company, a private international addiction coach, counselor, speaker, and author. She brings to Thrive Alcohol Recovery her experience working with groups and individuals in the critical stages of change with private TSM coaching. Dr. Perron has developed curriculum and training for counselor education classes and moderation education programs. In today’s changing world, Dr. Perron feels that the Sinclair Method expands the outdated one-size-fits-all treatment model and allows clients the autonomy of personal choice concerning alcohol consumption without shame, failure, or guilt. Dr. Perron holds a PhD in Counseling Psychology, is certified in Positive Psychology, is an internationally licensed addiction counselor, and has worked with clients all over the world. She believes in whole life wellness and the power of connection, and is the author of “Tools for Life.” 

Claudia Christian, Actress, Author & Founder

Claudia Christian is the most recognized advocate for The Sinclair Method (TSM) in the world. In 2013, Christian started her non-profit C Three Foundation to help raise awareness of the treatment, which saved her life in 2009. In 2014, Christian’s award winning documentary One Little Pill was released. Christian has spoken at UCLA, USC and at medical conventions around the world. In addition, she has appeared on Larry King Now and Megyn Kelly educating people about TSM. Her TEDx talk on TSM has had over 4 million views. She is a fierce advocate for medication assisted treatment (MAT) and is on the advisory board for Ria Health, a telemedicine company that offers comprehensive, personalized treatment for patients with AUD.

Bruce Rose, Sinclair Method Coach & Founder at Alcohol Recovery Scotland

Bruce Rose has worked for many years in the rehab industry, managing drug and alcohol treatment centers. After learning about the success rate of medication assisted treatment for alcohol addiction, Bruce decided to dedicate his work to supporting clients interested in using this method. In these past few years, he has seen incredible success with his clients, watching them recover quickly and without the usual issues of severe alcohol withdrawal and alcohol deprivation syndrome.

Eric Decker, Sinclair Method Mentor & Coach

Eric has been with Thrive from the very beginning –  first as a peer and now as a coach and mentor. He has led several skills workshops for Thrive on habit change and building a life outside of alcohol. Eric has also been an active participant in live TSM groups since the beginning; and as a student of cognitive and behavioral science, Eric has a foundational knowledge that can help other students to find their own insights based on his personal experiences. As a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, he has been trained in mindfulness and meditation that proved valuable in his own path to extinction. Whether your goal is abstinence or moderation, Eric is here to help!

Brenda Litke, Certified Sinclair Method Coach

Brenda Litke is a certified Sinclair Method Coach. She has been working in the healthcare field since 1999, helping people overcome various health challenges and improve their overall well-being. Brenda has battled with alcohol since the age of 15 and has tried various treatments for alcohol addiction, including: inpatient and outpatient programs, Shick Shadel, AA, SMART Recovery, Moderation Management, microdosing, acupressure, and hypnosis. However, none of these methods worked for her in the long term. Brenda started the Sinclair Method (TSM). She experienced a remarkable change in her drinking behavior. She no longer felt the urge to drink excessively or compulsively. She was able to moderate or abstain from alcohol as she wished. She regained control of her life and health. She has also done inner work on herself and has healed from trauma, Complex PTSD, and low self-esteem. She has learned to love and respect herself. She has done the inner work that is necessary for lasting recovery. And she can help others do the same.

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