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"My patients who are members of the Thrive find it an encouraging and useful source of peer support and information.  They appreciate the holistic perspective and confidence it gives them in their recovery journey. The promise of lifelong community membership to this encouraging online resource is a unique benefit."

Dr John C. Umhau, MD MPH CPE
Medical Director & Founder Alcohol Recovery Medicine


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"I just joined a few weeks ago. I am so impressed with the program. There is so much information, and support. Completely worth the $$."

- Thrive Member

You deserve a pain-free relationship with alcohol

We're serious about helping you change your drinking habits so you can truly thrive in life. That's why we start by using a medication-therapy that (when used correctly) has been clinically-proven to have a 78% success rate.


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I used to drink at least a bottle of wine every night. Even one alcohol-free day each week was hard and something I had to "force" myself to do. Now almost one year later, I still can't believe that I enjoy tea most evenings and wine only on special occasions. So grateful!

- M in Iowa

This program is truly incredible! The video courses have answered the plethora of questions I've had about TSM. I love that I can easily message a coach with a question at any time. I get a lot out of the group support calls and the community feed...very glad to be a member. Well worth the money for sure.

- K in Colorado

I’ve had problems with alcohol for over 20 years. After learning about medication, I decided to give it a try…but I wasn’t really seeing the changes in my drinking that I expected. That’s when I decided to join Thrive and get more support. I can’t say enough about how much the program has helped me. Each week I hit new milestones and my drinking continues to decrease… I’m also having more alcohol-free days which felt impossible before. I’m feeling really good about where I’m at, and love being a part of this platform!

- J in Massachusetts

The Thrive program you have created is truly amazing. There are so many wonderful resources on the platform, but what makes it so special is all the love you and the other coaches put into your work. It is so great to be part of a safe, non- judgmental community where we all can share the ups and downs of this journey.

- S in California

Stop over-drinking and start living your best life

We help everyday people gain control over alcohol using tools that help prevent over-drinking and reduce alcohol cravings, so that they can live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.