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The only comprehensive online program designed specifically for The Sinclair Method. Members have access to daily expert and peer support, in-depth video courses and live group calls – all designed to help you drink less so you can live your best life


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Dr Joseph Volpicelli, M.D., Ph.D. & Thrive Medical Advisor

Dr. Joseph Volpicelli has 40 years of addiction treatment research and clinical experience. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Medical Scientist Training Program in 1981, where he earned both his Doctor of Medicine and a doctorate in psychology. He also completed a psychiatry residency and a fellowship in neuropsychopharmacology at the University of Pennsylvania. After training, Dr. Volpicelli became a tenured faculty member of the University of Pennsylvania, where he conducted clinical trials on pharmacological treatments for alcohol, opioid, and cocaine addiction. His research led to the discovery of naltrexone to treat alcohol use disorder. His research also led to creating a psychosocial approach designed to improve treatment engagement and retention called the BRENDA Approach. After 25 years at Penn, Dr. Volpicelli decided to put theory into practice as he opened the Volpicelli Center in 2009. The idea was to put what was learned in research into clinical practice to treat real patients in the community. This model program seamlessly integrates medications with psychosocial support to provide innovative, evidence-based addiction treatment. When he’s not overseeing the clinical team as Volpicelli Center’s Medical Director, he spends time conducting research through his non-profit entity, the Institute of Addiction Medicine. It is through the institute that he is able to continue to carry out his passion for research. Dr. Volpicelli is a featured author of over 100 academic publications and two of his own books, “Recovery Options: The Complete Guide” and “Combining Medication and Psychosocial Treatments for Addictions: The BRENDA Approach.”

Karen Dion, Licensed Addiction Counselor & Thrive Co-Founder

Karen battled with an alcohol use disorder for many years. Despite appearing "normal" on the outside, she struggled a hidden love-hate relationship with alcohol, often succumbing to cravings and feeling defeated. Karen also felt a level of guilt as she had earned her certification as a licensed addiction counselor, yet was still struggling with her own alcohol use. She spent years trying to fix her drinking, and while making some progress – she was still drinking to excess and had a constant mental preoccupation with alcohol. Then in 2017, everything changed when she stumbled on the Sinclair Method. Her approach to TSM was holistic – using naltrexone combined with lifestyle changes to finally break free of problem drinking. This transformation led her to significantly reduce her drinking, regain control, and rediscover her passion for life. Today, Karen's life no longer revolves around alcohol; her health, relationships, and overall well-being have significantly improved. Inspired by her own journey, Karen is dedicated to helping others achieve freedom from alcohol, making it her mission to empower individuals to permanently change their relationship with alcohol.

Katie Lain, Sinclair Method Coach & Thrive Co-Founder

Katie Lain had a decade-long tumultuous battle with alcohol use disorder that left her feeling shameful, hopeless and full of regret. In her twenties, what began as social drinking spiraled into daily binge drinking and risky behavior, leaving her with morning-after regrets and a cycle of failed attempts to try and control or quit drinking. Over a nearly ten year period, Katie tried to quit drinking dozens of times, but would always return to drinking again due to the cravings she experienced for alcohol. Finally, her breakthrough came in 2017 when an internet searched introduced her to the Sinclair Method, a treatment option that many still don't know about today. This method, coupled with therapy and personal development paved the way for significant changes in her drinking habits. Within months of starting TSM, Katie began to notice she was thinking about drinking less, that she was having more alcohol-free days, and she had an easier time stopping when she did drink. After about one year on TSM, Katie says she "quit drinking alcohol accidentally" simply because she no longer had an interest in it thanks to this treatment. Today she continues to advocate for TSM, and loves to guide and support others through it.

Dr. Michele Perron, Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, Certified in Positive Psychology, Sinclair Method Coach

Dr. Michele Perron has been in the Recovery field for over 16 years as the Senior Clinical Supervisor at a national addiction treatment company, a private international addiction coach, counselor, speaker, and author. She brings to Thrive Alcohol Recovery her experience working with groups and individuals in the critical stages of change with private Sinclair Method coaching and live workshops. Dr. Perron has developed curriculum and training for counselor education classes and moderation education programs. In today’s changing world, Dr. Perron feels that the Sinclair Method expands the outdated one-size-fits-all treatment model and allows clients the autonomy of personal choice concerning alcohol consumption without shame, failure, or guilt. Dr. Perron holds a PhD in Counseling Psychology, is certified in Positive Psychology, is an internationally licensed addiction counselor, and has worked with clients all over the world. She believes in whole life wellness and the power of connection, and is the author of Tools for Life.” 

Samara Ibanez, Certified TSM Coach, Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach

Samara’s passion for helping others with AUD stems from her own 27 year long battle with alcohol and substances that began at an early age. Being a part of AA for almost 15 years she then found herself in a toxic cycle of abstinence then relapse. She also suffered from torturous cravings and triggers along the way. She simply could not get control of her drinking no matter what she tried...until she found the Sinclair Method – which quite literally saved her life. And because of that she loves to support others through this remarkable treatment.

Bruce Rose, Sinclair Method Coach & Co-Founder at Rethink Drink UK

Bruce Rose is based in Scotland, and has worked for many years in the rehab industry – managing drug and alcohol treatment centers. After learning about the success rate of the Sinclair Method for alcohol addiction, he decided to dedicate his work to supporting clients interested in using this method. He began working with people using targeted naltrexone therapy in 2018, and has seen incredible success with his clients, watching them recover quickly and without the usual issues of severe alcohol withdrawal and alcohol deprivation syndrome. Bruce is passionate about spreading the word about this life changing treatment, and guiding others through it.

Danni H, Sinclair Method Coach

Danni’s decade of lived experience with alcohol use disorder followed by her life transforming journey on the Sinclair Method is what has led her to support others to their own success on this method. Through many years of personal and spiritual development as well as a broad knowledge of holistic coaching, she has collated the best of what she’s learned and applied to create a toolbox of life skills to equip her clients with. She works on a peer to peer level, as someone who’s been there. She holds space for her clients with zero judgment.

Eric Decker, Sinclair Method Coach & Mentor

Eric has been with Thrive from the very beginning –  first as a peer and now as a coach and mentor. He has led several skills workshops for Thrive on habit change and building a life outside of alcohol. Eric has also been an active participant in live TSM groups since the beginning; and as a student of cognitive and behavioral science, Eric has a foundational knowledge that can help other students to find their own insights based on his personal experiences. As a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, he has been trained in mindfulness and meditation that proved valuable in his own path to extinction. Whether your goal is abstinence or moderation, Eric is here to help! He reached extinction in April 2022 after one year on TSM. He feels so liberated through this method that he now has a calling to help others find the same peace he found.

Jodi Green, Certified Sinclair Method Coach

Jodi’s personal experience with the Sinclair Method led her to become passionate about sharing this life saving program with others. You will find that she is kind and easy to talk with. She also has a background in Stephen’s Ministry that has allowed her to become an excellent listener. She hopes to help people in every aspect of their Sinclair Method journey, and will help you be successful every step of the way.

Bobbi Teasley, Mindfulness Counselor & Coach

Bobbi started her own path by trying to find balance in her life. She struggled for a long time with choices that didn't help her reach her goals, like using substances, being in bad relationships, not dealing with past hurts, and issues with eating. She's now a counselor and coach who looks forward to helping you look at parts of your life that aren't balanced. Bobbi is a professional counselor and coach who is excited to help you explore areas of your life that are out of balance by increasing mindfulness and self care while coaching you through your TSM journey. Mindful or Mindfull? It's your decision - take your life back.

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"I just want people to experience true freedom from alcohol use disorder. This is what gets me up every day....this is the mission that has been placed on my heart. This is why we've created our program and are doing the work that we do to guide people through The Sinclair Method. What's so amazing about this method is that for many people – even early on the method - they begin to get a glimpse of what it might be like to no longer have the disordered relationship with alcohol anymore. And, the longer they are on it...the more real this experience becomes. I hate the idea of people being stuck in the trap of AUD even a minute longer than they need to....because I believe everyone has a purpose to live and a reason they are on this earth, and over-consumption of alcohol just completely robs that from you. Please don't ever give up...please keep going...please keep fighting for your future self because there is so much waiting for you on the other side."

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