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The Alcohol Freedom Program

The physician-recommended online program for targeted use of naltrexone, commonly referred to as The Sinclair Method


What Is Over-Drinking Costing You?


Physical. Do you feel exhausted, carry extra weight or worry about your health?

Financial. How much money are you spending each month on alcohol?

Emotional. Are you experiencing anxiety, depression or a lack of confidence? 

Time. How much time are you spending drinking, thinking about drinking or being hungover?

Relationships. Do you say or do things to your loved ones that you later regret?

Goals. Are you putting off your deepest goals & desires?

Social. Do you feel like you need alcohol to have fun or just feel normal?


If you're experiencing any of these downsides of problem drinking, we get it...we were there too. But when you gain control and cut back, there are countless benefits you can experience.

Benefits of Getting Your Control Back

We're not here to tell you to never drink again, we're here to help you get your control back.

Develop Your Off Switch

  • Think about & crave alcohol less
  • Drink with control & in moderation
  • Easier alcohol-free days

Improve Your Health

  • Greater mental clarity & confidence
  • Less difficulty with weight management
  • Less anxiety & depression

Experience Deeper Relationships

  • Have more energy for friends & family
  • Be more present with loved ones
  • Experience greater integrity with those you care about

Discover Greater Meaning in Life

  • More free time for hobbies you love
  • More creative energy to do what you enjoy
  • Increased excitement & energy for life

How It Works

We help you gain control over alcohol through targeted use of the medication naltrexone, commonly referred to as The Sinclair Method. Once you start with medication, we'll guide you through the process of drink reduction, goal setting and habit change.

Sign-up & get started in the online program. It’s simple to do & only takes a few minutes. Easily integrated into your schedule


Schedule your welcome coaching call & get the medication. Stay connected to your coach for support via private messaging whenever you need it


Gain instant access to video courses, live group meetings, interactive workshops & daily support via the private community of coaches & peers


Benefit from lifetime access to discrete, private & judgment-free guidance when & where you need it, 100% online



What's Included

When you join Thrive, you become a lifetime member. That means that you'll have access to all of our tools, resources and support as often as you need and for as long as you need.

Video Courses

Access our library of over 40 video courses designed to guide you through The Sinclair Method – step by step – from start to finish. These courses are exclusive to Thrive Members, and can't be found anywhere else.


Access to Expert Coaches

Access unlimited messaging support with an expert Sinclair Method coach. You'll meet with a coach during your Welcome Call, and then you have the option to book additional 1x1 video coaching sessions at any time (pay per session).



Connect, share & ask questions in real-time inside our private, judgment-free Community. Interact with other members & coaches in real-time, & learn from the exclusive articles, tips & resources our coaches are sharing daily.


Live Groups & Workshops

Join one of our many live virtual groups or workshops happening each week. Learn from TSM Experts, connect with other Thrive Members & get support that's personalized to you. Participation is welcome, but never required.


Program Features

Our program makes changing your drinking habits easier. We focus on helping you reduce and moderate your drinking using evidence-based tools – without life interruptions or major life changes.

The Alcohol Freedom Program is completely private & 100% online

Everything can be done on your schedule & at your own pace

Includes a referral to an expert online physician for naltrexone

Everything is accessible from your desktop or our mobile app

You'll have 24/7 lifetime access to everything


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What Is The Sinclair Method?

  • A scientifically-proven protocol for unlearning problem-drinking that is shown to have a 78% success rate 
  • Uses an FDA-approved safe, non-addictive medication called naltrexone
  • Over time, most people will experience more control over alcohol, fewer alcohol cravings and less interest in drinking
  • Most people who use this method have a goal of moderate drinking, but abstinence is possible too


 New to The Sinclair Method? Learn more about how it works to help you control alcohol.

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Naltrexone Works Best When Combined With Support

According to the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, several studies have shown that naltrexone works best when combined with behavioral support for coping and habit change. That's why we guide and support you through this in the program, at your own pace.

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How The Alcohol Freedom Program Helps You


Access to Daily Support

Answers to your questions are only a click away. Get support whenever you need it

Fits Into Your Schedule

Use the resources, guidance & support on your time, when it works best for you

You Set Your Goals

You decide your drink reduction goals, & we give you the resources to reach them

Judgment-Free Community

24/7 access to a judgment-free community of peers & coaches all rooting for your success


What Can I Expect When I Join?

Learn more about how the program can help you make sustainable changes in your drinking habits at your own pace.

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When you join everything is accessible from your computer or mobile device

Learn More About the Program

Everything you'll need to succeed on The Sinclair Method is in one place. Learn more about the resources available to you.


Learn how coaching works and how it can help you change your drinking habits



Here's what you can expect to learn from the 30+ video courses inside the program



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10 Common Mistakes on The Sinclair Method

Access our free video course so you can learn about the top 10 mistakes people make when going on naltrexone for alcohol disorder

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