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Sinclair Method Video Courses

Learn & grow on your schedule & at your own pace. Created by expert Sinclair Method coaches to guide you step-by-step


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What Our Members Are Saying About the Courses

About The Sinclair Method Courses


The Essentials Video Course

  • Provides the essential information you'll need for getting started on The Sinclair Method so that you can be confident that you understand the method fully and are following the protocol correctly

  • Great for people just getting started on TSM – and an excellent refresher for people who have been on the method for a while

  • When you complete these lessons – you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how to do the TSM protocol, how naltrexone is working in this process and how to set yourself up for success on this method

  • You'll also have access to PDFs that include the key points covered in each video

The Elevate Video Course

  • Provides guidance you'll need for long-term success with TSM covering things like habit, lifestyle, coping and behavior changes

  • Great for people just starting on TSM and also those who are further along in their journey

  • You'll have access to a resource library of exercises that will help you be successful with The Sinclair Method

  • When you complete these lessons – you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how AUD functions on the brain, how to navigate habit and behavior change on TSM, and how mindfulness, mindset and self care play a key role in changing your relationship with alcohol

  • You'll also have access to PDFs that include the key points covered in each video

How Can I Access the Sinclair Method Video Courses?

Option 1: The Alcohol Freedom Program

Join the program for lifetime access to the video courses, group coaching, peer and expert 1-on-1 support.


Option 2: The Sinclair Method Courses Only

30% off with coupon code 'TSM22' at checkout

Great for people who want the video courses only, without the support of a program, coaches or community.


Exercises for Changing Drinking Habits

Included with the courses are easy-to-use exercises that will help you be more mindful of your drinking, change habits and reach daily goals. Here are some of our member favorites:

The 10 Point System of Success


Helps you to:

  • Be more mindful
  • Do more than just take the medication
  • Feel satisfied as you see yourself make progress each day
Defining Your "Why" for Changing Your Drinking Habits


Helps you to:

  • Get clarity on the reasons why you want to change your drinking habits
  • Understand the real benefits and consequences of your current drinking patterns
  • Get excited about your future!
Creating a Vision for Your Future Self


Helps you to:

  • Get clarity on and get excited about your future self when you have your ideal relationship with alcohol
  • Envision our future selves when alcohol takes up a smaller part of our life 

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