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The physician-recommended program for targeted use of naltrexone, commonly referred to as The Sinclair Method


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About Thrive Community

Everything you need to succeed on The Sinclair Method is in one place. That's why physicians recommend Thrive for individuals using targeted naltrexone for problem drinking.


24/7 Access

  • Post questions, share about your experience and connect with other members and coaches
  • Daily access to exclusive content from Sinclair Method coaches and peers including real-life success stories, practical tips and resources to support and inspire you

Video Courses

  • Access to over 30+ video courses designed to support you through The Sinclair Method from start to finish


Weekly Group Support & Other Exclusive Events

  • Live weekly group support calls for support in real time from TSM coaches and peers (keep your camera on or off and you're never required to participate)
  • Attend live Q&A sessions with our coaches where you can ask your questions and get them answered in real time (you can always watch the replay if you miss the live)

Private Messaging Support

  • Access to unlimited private messaging support with a Sinclair Method coach
  • Access to private messaging support with TSM Peers and Mentors

Private Groups

  • Access to optional private groups inside the Thrive Community
    • 🚀 The TSM Accelerator Program: for faster results on The Sinclair Method
    • ✝️ Christians on the TSM Journey

1-on-1 Coaching Support

  • As a member you can add 1-on-1 coaching support at anytime for personalized guidance on The Sinclair Method


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We help everyday people gain control over alcohol using tools that help prevent over-drinking and reduce alcohol cravings, so that they can live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.