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Is The Sinclair Method Right for Me?

In this short course video, we will cover three important topics to help you decide if The Sinclair Method is right for you. We'll cover 1) What is The Sinclair Method? 2) Who is The Sinclair Method for? 3) Who is The Sinclair Method NOT for?

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5 Things to Know Before Going on Medication for Problem Drinking

In this article, we are going to share 5 important things for you to know before you start medication treatment for problem drinking. We'll focus specifically on naltrexone following The Sinclair Method.

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#1 Tip on The Sinclair Method

After coaching and mentoring hundreds of people, we've learned a lot about what success looks like on this method. In this PDF download, you learn about the #1 tip for having success on The Sinclair Method.

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10 Mistakes on The Sinclair Method

In this free video course, you'll learn about the 10 most common mistakes people make on The Sinclair Method. Learning about these mistakes will help you be more successful when using naltrexone following The Sinclair Method.

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Sinclair Method Success Stories

Did you know that we're always sharing Sinclair Method success stories on our YouTube channel? We've created a playlist to share these success stores, which you can access below.

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Learn More About Medication for Problem Drinking

Are you ready to gain control over alcohol so that you can live your best life? Learn more about how medication can help.

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