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Find Freedom From Problem Drinking

We help you drink less alcohol through The Sinclair Method so that you can live your best life


I used to drink at least a bottle of wine every night. Even one alcohol-free day each week was hard and something I had to "force" myself to do. Now almost one year later, I still can't believe that I enjoy tea most evenings and wine only on special occasions. So grateful!

- M in Iowa


What Is Over-Drinking Costing You?


Physical. Do you feel exhausted, carry extra weight or worry about your health?

Financial. How much money are you spending each month on alcohol?

Emotional. Are you experiencing anxiety, depression or a lack of confidence? 

Time. How much time are you spending drinking, thinking about drinking or being hungover?

Relationships. Do you say or do things to your loved ones that you later regret?

Goals. Are you putting off your deepest goals & desires?

Social. Do you feel like you need alcohol to have fun or just feel normal?


If you're experiencing any of these downsides of problem drinking, we get it...we were there too. But when you gain control and cut back, there are countless benefits you can experience.

How We Help You Get Back in Control of Alcohol


Private & Discreet Online Program

Our program is private, accessible from anywhere through the app or your computer, and can easily be integrated into your life without having to tell anyone about it (if you don't want to).


Medication to Control Alcohol

Naltrexone has been clinically proven to reduce alcohol cravings and consumption while increasing alcohol-free days. Upon joining, we can refer you to a telemedicine physician for a medication appointment.


Coaching & Group Support

Get support from coaches who've been through the Sinclair Method. Access live group calls, unlimited private messaging with a coach, or schedule 1x1 coaching sessions (paid per session).


24/7 Online Community

We understand struggles with alcohol and the journey to overcome them. Join a community of people eager to support one another in making positive lifestyle changes.



As Seen In

How It Works

Here's how we'll help you drink less alcohol through The Sinclair Method so you can live your best life.

Sign-up & get started in the online program. It’s simple to do & only takes a few minutes. Easily integrates into your schedule


Schedule your welcome coaching call & get your physician referral for naltrexone. Stay connected to your coach for support via private messaging whenever you need it


Gain instant access to video courses, live group meetings, interactive workshops & daily support via the private community of coaches & peers


Achieve your ideal relationship with alcohol through discreet, judgment-free guidance whenever & wherever you need it, 100% online



You deserve a pain-free relationship with alcohol

We're serious about helping you change your drinking habits so you can truly thrive in life. That's why our support program is centered around targeted naltrexone therapy. When used correctly, it's shown to have a clinically-proven 78% success rate.



Benefits of Getting Your Control Back*

We're not here to tell you to never drink again, we're here to help you get your control back.

Develop Your Off Switch

  • Think about & crave alcohol less
  • Drink with control & in moderation
  • Easier alcohol-free days

Improve Your Health

  • Greater mental clarity & confidence
  • Less difficulty with weight management
  • Less anxiety & depression

Experience Deeper Relationships

  • Have more energy for friends & family
  • Be more present with loved ones
  • Experience greater integrity with those you care about

Discover Greater Meaning in Life

  • More free time for hobbies you love
  • More creative energy to do what you enjoy
  • Increased excitement & energy for life


*While outcomes may vary, please know that we genuinely care about your success. Our team is here to support you every step of the way, no matter how long it takes.

"My patients who are members of the Thrive find it an encouraging and useful source of peer support and information.  They appreciate the holistic perspective and confidence it gives them in their recovery journey. The promise of lifelong community membership to this encouraging online resource is a unique benefit."

Dr John C. Umhau, MD MPH CPE
Medical Director & Founder Alcohol Recovery Medicine


Hey, it's time for you to thrive in life

Katie and Karen built Thrive after both having struggled with problem drinking for years, trying many different treatments that failed. They did not want to quit drinking, but simply wanted an "off-switch" when they drank. Medication combined with gradual lifestyle changes gave them both their ideal relationship with alcohol, and this was life-changing. Their success has inspired them to coach and guide others to freedom from problem drinking using evidence-based tools and support.

Since 2018, we've helped hundreds of people just like you achieve their ideal relationship with alcohol.


Stop over-drinking and start living your best life

We help everyday people gain control over alcohol using tools that help prevent over-drinking and reduce alcohol cravings, so that they can live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.