How Much Does Naltrexone Cost When I Join Thrive?


At Thrive Alcohol Recovery, we've partnered with telemedicine doctors around the United States to provide you with private and affordable access to the medication naltrexone. Learn more about your options below. 👇

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Our program provides comprehensive support throughout your Sinclair Method journey, including facilitating access to expert physicians for your naltrexone prescription.

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Naltrexone Cost When You Join Thrive

  • When you join Thrive, the cost of your physician visit and naltrexone are additional
  • The cost varies by location and is generally pretty affordable
  • We'll refer you to the most cost-effective option for you

United States

All appointments are online via telemedicine

Initial physician visit 

Approx. $175

Follow up physician visit

Approx. $79 per visit, or

$25/mo with unlimited access to a physician

Naltrexone prescription

$25 – $40/month (may cost less with insurance or prescription coupons)


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