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Long Term Side Effects of Naltrexone

Nov 30, 2022

A common question people have when they are starting on naltrexone for problem drinking is, "What are the long term side effects of the medication?"

When using naltrexone and The Sinclair Method to drink less, it requires someone to stay on the medication long term.

This can feel intimidating at times – especially when you're just learning about it.

But from my personal experience with the medication, and hearing from countless others, the BENEFITS of naltrexone far outweigh any "costs" associated with taking the medication long term.

So, are there long term side effects of the medication?

To date, there are no known problems associated with long term use of naltrexone. 🥳

☝️ It's important to note as well that naltrexone has been FDA-approved for treating alcohol use disorder since 1994. 

In our program, we specialize in The Sinclair Method. Using this approach, the medication is ONLY taken before you drink. It is NOT taken on alcohol-free days.

For most people, the longer they are doing the treatment, the LESS often they are taking the medication.

In fact, once people reach their goals in our program, many people are drinking just a few times a they are only taking the medication a few times a month as well.

I know for me, once I experienced how naltrexone gave me my "off-switch" around alcohol, I NEVER wanted to miss a dose. It became my "protection" that gave me control when I drank.

So, I hope this helps you understand any long term side effects with naltrexone. For most people, there aren't any. And this medication has been clinically proven (for almost 30 years) to be safe and highly effective at treating alcohol use disorder – especially when it's coupled with a treatment program that supports drink reduction.

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PS, If you'd like to get plugged in to The Alcohol Freedom Program where we specialize in naltrexone treatment for alcohol use disorder, you can learn more here.

PPS, Of course, this is not medical advice. So please chat with your doctor if you'd like to know if naltrexone is right for you. And in our program we'll connect you with a telehealth physician who specializes in naltrexone therapy.

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