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Why Can't I Quit Drinking Alcohol?

Jul 28, 2022

I was recently reading a journal article that stated that 80% or more of people will return to drinking again within their first 6 months of sobriety. 

While this is quite shocking, I found it to be very true in my life.

I tried to quit drinking literally dozens of times over the course of almost 10 years and would inevitably return to drinking again, sooner or later.

🤔 So, why is it so hard to quit drinking?

The reason is simple, yet most aren't even aware of it. Here it is broken down:

  • When you develop alcohol use disorder (AUD) it fundamentally changes your brain 🧠
  • When this happens, your desire for alcohol essentially "hijacks" your brain and overrides your "logical" desire to stop drinking (or to drink less)
  • So logically you can say, "I want to stop drinking" – but there is a more powerful, primitive part of your brain that is driving you to crave alcohol...ultimately leading most people back to drinking again
  • That part of your brain that is desiring alcohol is (mistakenly) equating alcohol to a survival need... meaning, it thinks it needs alcohol to survive so it will obsessively think about it (crave it) until you finally drink again (sort of like if you were dehydrated and very thirsty – all you can think about is water, right?)
  • This is a vicious cycle many people can get stuck in for years or even decades

All of this is explained in Dr David Sinclair's research into what's known as the "Alcohol Deprivation Effect" or ADE. 

Dr Sinclair proved that when someone has AUD and they abruptly quit drinking – they will go into "deprivation mode" and their desire for alcohol will increase. Then when they finally drink again, they will likely binge.

The reason that The Sinclair Method is such a powerful and effective treatment for alcohol addiction is because it gradually fixes the part of your brain that thinks it needs alcohol to survive. Therefore over time, people lose their desire for alcohol and can eventually drink with control, or go alcohol-free with much greater ease and without fighting cravings.

It is a truly revolutionary treatment that when used correctly, is proven to have a 78% success rate.

I hope this helps you understand why it's so hard for MOST people to quit drinking alcohol.

For me, I used to think it was because I had no willpower and was weak...but what I have since learned is that "cold-turkey abstinence" was actually causing me to crave alcohol more.... and The Sinclair Method was the antidote for that. I am forever grateful!!! 🙏

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