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Where Can I Get The Sinclair Method for Alcohol Addiction?

the sinclair method May 04, 2023


You've learned about the neuroscience-based treatment protocol for alcohol addiction known as The Sinclair Method.

Now you want to know, "Where can I get started on this treatment?" We'll answer that for you in this article.

The good news is, you can get started on The Sinclair method today, privately from the comfort of your home. 🎉

The Sinclair Method – a neuroscience-based treatment for alcohol use disorder: 

  • Can be done from the comfort of home
  • Can be done on your own schedule
  • Can be done privately without anyone needing to know


What do I need to get started on The Sinclair Method?

 Starting on The Sinclair Method is quite simple, you'll need:

  • A prescription to naltrexone
  • A system of expert support to guide you to the treatment protocol to ensure you're following it correctly and that you know what to expect 
  • Time and patience: while it's not an instant fix, The Sinclair Method can be a permanent one! This treatment protocol has a clinically proven 78% success rate.


Where can I get The Sinclair Method treatment?

The Sinclair Method treatment can be easily accessed through Thrive Alcohol Recovery inside of our private, online program called The Alcohol Freedom Program.

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How It Works

There's just a few simple steps to starting the program and naltrexone, here's what you can expect once you enroll with Thrive:

  • Step 1: Sign up for the program. Select the payment plan that works for you, sign up and then you'll gain instant access to our private, online program where we'll guide you through The Sinclair Method at your own pace, and on your own schedule. You'll have lifetime access to judgment-free support through our expert coaches, video courses and community.
  • Step 2: Schedule your welcome call & get your prescription to naltrexone. Once you enroll in the program you'll meet with a member of our coaching team to get you started on the method. We'll also refer you to one of our telemedicine doctors so you can easily get your naltrexone prescription through a phone or video appointment. 
  • Step 3: Begin the treatment protocol. We'll start you on The Sinclair Method protocol and get you set up for success to ensure you're following the method correctly, and that you also know what to expect. You'll have lifetime access to our program which includes ongoing live groups, video courses, unlimited messaging support with coaches and a thriving community of peers.


Ready to get started? Click here to sign up today.


Can I get naltrexone from my doctor?

The short answer is yes – but it also depends. 

Many physicians may not be aware of naltrexone for treating alcohol use disorder – and/or they may not be familiar with treating alcohol use disorder at all.

For this reason, some physicians may:

  • Refuse to prescribe the medication entirely (don't feel bad if this happens to you – because unfortunately it's quite common), or
  • They may prescribe it to you with incorrect instructions for how to take it (since The Sinclair Method is a very specific protocol), or
  • They may require you to be abstinent before they will prescribe it (again, if they don't understand the research and how The Sinclair Method works), or
  • They may not give you enough because they think the medication is only needed for a few months (for the same reasons above)

All of the above scenarios are based on our personal experience, or what we have heard from Thrive members over the years.

On the other hand, some physicians may be totally on board with prescribing it – it just depends and you won't know until you go. If you were going to explore asking your doctor for naltrexone, it can be helpful to bring materials to your doctor’s appointment that show the science and efficacy of this treatment method – including this scientific paper here.


Do I have to quit drinking to go on The Sinclair Method?

No, in fact, in order for this treatment protocol to work effectively, it requires a person to continue to drink alcohol. Therefore, there is no need for a person to stop drinking alcohol when they start on The Sinclair Method. For most individuals, their drinking will continue to gradually decrease the longer they are on the treatment.


In summary

If you're ready to get started on The Sinclair Method, you can click here to join The Alcohol Freedom Program today.

As soon as you join, you'll gain instant access to our comprehensive program for The Sinclair Method, and we'll get you set up with a telemedicine physician for a naltrexone prescription. 

We look forward to seeing you inside the program!


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