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Does Naltrexone Block the Pleasure From Drinking Alcohol?

Feb 07, 2023

Recently I've been getting a lot of questions from people who wonder if drinking on naltrexone will take away all of the pleasure from alcohol.

"What's the point of drinking on naltrexone if there's no pleasure?" They ask.

So, does naltrexone block all the pleasure from alcohol?

Naltrexone – following The Sinclair Method – works by binding the endorphin receptors in your brain. (Endorphins are hormones your body releases when it experiences pleasure from things like exercise, eating and drinking alcohol).

When you take naltrexone before drinking, it blocks those receptors so that your brain doesn't experience the same "euphoric" feeling when drinking alcohol.

So while naltrexone is blocking the endorphins your brain releases when you drink alcohol – it doesn't make it unpleasure but rather reduces the euphoric effects from alcohol.

When that euphoria from alcohol is blocked repeatedly over time, people can gradually stop "chasing the buzz" and start to develop more of an "off-switch" around alcohol.

It's important to remember that you can still get intoxicated on naltrexone...and many people report that they still enjoy drinking on the medication because it gives them greater control over alcohol (this was definitely true for me). 

They start to feel like a "normal" drinker as alcohol takes up a smaller and less significant part of their life. They finally feel like they get their power back over alcohol. 💪🍺

This is also one reason why the Sinclair Method journey is so transformative, surprising and exciting for many people. It's truly life changing!

I hope this helps you understand a bit more about how naltrexone is working to thwart the euphoria from alcohol.




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