Is The Sinclair Method Right for Me?

Hosted by Katie Lain, Sinclair Method Success Story & Coach

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In this course you will learn:

✔️ What The Sinclair Method is

✔️ Who The Sinclair Method is for

✔️ Who The Sinclair Method is NOT for

We hope this helps you have a better understanding of this treatment protocol, and how it works for treating alcohol use disorder. We're always here to help, so please contact us with any questions.

Course Presenter

Katie Lain, Sinclair Method success story, coach and co-founder at Thrive Alcohol Recovery. Katie has over four years of experience coaching and mentoring hundreds of people through this powerful treatment protocol for alcohol use disorder (AUD). After her personal battle with AUD that lasted for nearly a decade, The Sinclair Method (TSM) is what finally set her free. She now serves as a TSM advocate – coaching people from around the world and spends her days running The Alcohol Freedom Program at Thrive where they guide people through TSM from start to finish.