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Naltrexone & The Sinclair Method Are Not Working

Mar 16, 2023
woman drinking alcohol

If you're using The Sinclair Method (TSM), have you ever been in a place where you feel like "TSM isn't working?" 😢

This is something I have heard many times over the years from individuals using naltrexone to cut back on drinking.

Whenever I hear this, my curiosity kicks in. 🤔❓

I always want to understand what ELSE this person is doing to "meet the medication half-way" 💊 OR...are they relying exclusively on naltrexone to do all of the work...? 😬

Many people realize once they start TSM how HABITUAL their drinking patterns are. 🔄

"It's so much more than just taking a pill" is something I hear over and over again.

And I think most of us can understand the fact that a pill alone won't fix complex behaviors that have been going on for years or decades (if only, right?! 😭).

Naltrexone will help reduce the craving/desire for alcohol over time – but –

  • It won't give you a new evening ritual.
  • It won't give you a new way to "zone out" after a stressful day.
  • It won't change your belief that "evenings will be boring if I'm not drinking." 🍷

This is what I mean by meeting the medication half-way.

Naltrexone and TSM are EXTREMELY powerful – I believe the best treatment for alcohol use disorder that exists today.

But this treatment is a TOOL that must be used alongside other tools in the box. 🧰

To use an analogy – YES, you need a hammer to remodel a house. 🔨 But good luck getting the entire job done with that tool alone.

That's why we designed our TSM program with ALL of this in mind.

☝️ But remember, there's no "race" to extinction (extinction is the end goal of TSM and is a subjective experience when people report feeling back in total control of their drinking – whether that is moderation or abstinence).

This is your own "healing" journey and time is your ALLY on TSM. ⏰

AND – we also don't want you to "fight" the medication – or make this process last longer than it needs to.

Believe me when I say that there is a WHOLE NEW WORLD 🌎 that opens up when you reach extinction and experience TRUE FREEDOM from AUD. And you're 100% worth it discovering it. Don't hold yourself back.

Always sending my best,


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