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The Alcohol Deprivation Effect

Jan 26, 2023


Today I just wanted to share one of our Course Videos on The Alcohol Deprivation Effect.

We usually don't publish our courses on YouTube, but this one is so important to understanding The Sinclair Method that I wanted to share it with you.

It's a 7 minute video that explains the well-researched phenomenon of The Alcohol Deprivation Effect (ADE). You can watch it here:

🎥 Watch Now: The Alcohol Deprivation Effect

When I first learned about the ADE – it finally made SENSE why I could not just "quit drinking" even though I tried countless times with well-meaning intentions.

It made me realize that I was not a weak person who couldn't control my drinking, but rather – my brain was hijacked by the alcohol use disorder....and this was beyond my willpower, and my logical desire to fix my drinking problem.

This is also why The Sinclair Method is so brilliant – because it works to reverse alcohol use disorder at the root level (inside the brain 🧠) – completely avoiding the ADE.

I hope this video not only helps but also empowers you!

My very best,



PS, We also have a scientific paper on The Alcohol Deprivation Effect saved to our website. You can download it here.

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